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Although appealing a family court ruling can lengthen a legal dispute, it may be a necessary step in righting a wrong that will affect your future for years to come. At the Law Offices of John Elias, I am one of the few firms in Pembroke Pines and Miami Lakes that has extensive experience successfully handling family law appeals and/or defending against them.

Either side is allowed to appeal a family law decision when it appears that there was an abuse of discretion on the part of the lower court judge or incorrect legal standard that was applied to the case. Whether you are challenging what you consider to be an unfair judgment or you or are attempting to uphold a ruling in your favor, I will provide you with informative and effective representation. Contact me at 954-392-1501 or 305-558-4933 to receive an honest and straightforward assessment of your case.


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Commonly Appealed Results

Any type of family court judgment can be appealed. However, most family appeals pertain to:

  • Awards of alimony
  • Child custody and parenting time determinations
  • The amount of child support awarded
  • Division of property in a divorce settlement

My firm is very meticulous in handling appeals. I do extensive research and examine whether the decision from the lower court can be upheld and/or vacated.

I will educate the appellate court on whether the original decision should be affirmed or denied.

Earning the Respect of My Peers

Most family law attorneys do not handle appeals. In fact, I have had many clients referred to us from others lawyers who represented a client in the initial court proceeding but are not capable of handling an appeal. I have over 30 years of experience dedicated entirely to family law and family law appeals, and these attorneys trust that I will provide their clients with quality legal representation.

Contact me to discuss your family law appeal. Spanish and Arabic language services are available.