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At the Law Offices of John Elias, we understand that choosing a family lawyer in south Florida is a very difficult and important decision. The outcome of your case will likely affect the rest of your life. Having an experienced lawyer in your corner can have a large positive affect on the decision of your case and possibly the rest of your life. We will be completely honest and upfront about what to expect from your case and treat you with the respect and the compassion that you deserve.

John Elias has devoted the last 30 years to ensuring that families get a fair decision in your case. Through being extremely knowledgeable in family law and the south Florida court system, John Elias has gained the ability to set and achieve your goals. John Elias will be by your side every step of way to offer the support that you need both in and outside of the court room.

Contact me at 954-392-1501 or 305-558-4933 for an informative assessment of your family law concerns. I have offices in both Pembroke Pines and Miami Lakes.

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