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The divorce process is rarely a simple or easy process, which is why you need a tenured high asset divorce lawyer on your side, like John Elias. Even if your divorce is uncontested and the two of you can work together easily. Having a high net worth automatically makes your divorce more complicated. The ensuing legal issues and financial concerns can be burdensome if you don’t have the right lawyer working with you. By working with John Elias, you can ensure that your high asset divorce is handled properly. John Elias has over 30 years of experience in high asset divorces and will ensure that you are protected and ready for life after your divorce.

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High Asset Divorce Concerns

Many concerns arise when someone is going through a high net worth divorce, including the former spouse using the alienation of the children using them as leverage, as well as potential suffocating child and spousal support payments. Some other issues that often arise are:

Division of Property

Someone with a high net worth will likely have a lot of assets as well. Our lawyers will ensure that assets acquired during the marriage are split evenly between the two. This can also protect pre-marital assets. This includes complex assets such as real estate properties and retirement fund investments. You should also be aware of potential hidden assets and asset dissipation.

Spousal Support

One spouse may be eligible to receive spousal support from the other spouse, also known as alimony. This is meant to ensure that the receiving spouse can enjoy the same standard of living they had while they were married. However, the amount to be paid to the other spouse can often be left to the discretion of the court. Which is why you need a good lawyer to make sure that you get a favorable deal.

Child Support

Calculating the amount to be paid to for child support is based on the income of both parents and the time-sharing duties between the parents. It can become complicated when one spouse earns substantially more than the other does. Parents should be ready to talk about other expenses for their children such as extracurricular activities and college tuition.

Business Valuation

Businesses owned by either spouse are valuable assets that you will want to keep through a high asset divorce. We work with large business owners and family run business owners alike to ensure that you know what options are available for you.

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