Weston Domestic Violence Attorney

Weston Domestic Violence Attorney

Helping You Find Clarity in a Complex and Difficult Situation

A Florida Lawyer With Experience in Domestic Violence Cases

At the Law Offices of John Elias, located in both Miami Lakes and Pembroke Pines, I have extensive experience representing both sides in cases relating to alleged domestic violence. I have helped spousal abuse victims obtain restraining orders and assisted in the prosecution of their abuser. I have also helped people who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence defend their rights in court.

My meaningful experience on both sides of the isle allows us to anticipate the strategy the other side will use and provide you with effective legal representation. Contact me at 305-558-4933 or 954-392-1501 to discuss your case. I will be honest and straightforward in informing you on what to expect in court.  

Establishing Credibility on Your Side

Part of what makes domestic violence cases so difficult is that there are rarely any outside witnesses. These cases often evolve into he-said-she-said verbal battles in which neither side comes out looking good.

At the Law Offices of John Elias, I will look into whether there is a history of violence or erratic behavior in order to attack the credibility of the other side.

Cases in Which Violence Has Occurred Against Children

Violence against children can result in not only physical injury, but also grave emotional damage. If your child has been the victim of domestic violence, I will help you take the proper measure to protect your children from future abuse.

Child protective services will step in and may seek the termination of parental rights of the abusive parent.

Contact me to discuss the details of your case with an experienced and respected family law attorney.