Pembroke Pines Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

Pembroke Pines is located in southern Broward County, FL. The city is 22 miles north of Miami. As of 2019, it had a projected population of over 173,000. The city is very close to the Florida Everglades offering great scenic views and a great place to spend the day. The city was first incorporated in January of 1960 and the name can be traced back to Sir Edward Reed, who was a member of Britain’s Parliament, and represented the county of Pembroke. The average high temperature in Pembroke Pines is 83 degrees Fahrenheit and averages over 66 inches of rain per year.

Pembroke Pines Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

A Lawyer Experienced in Protecting the Interests of Children

Effective Representation in Cases Regarding the Termination of Parental Rights

Cases regarding the termination of parental rights occurs during the adoption process or when Child Protective Services (CPS) believes a parent has abused or neglected a child or children. These cases are very complex and are ultimately decided by what is in the best interests of the child or children.

At the Law Offices of John Elias, I have been dedicated to the practice of family law for over 30 Years and have established a track record of obtaining favorable outcomes. I am extremely knowledgeable about the local court system and understand how to protect the interests of children who are involved in legal disputes. Contact me at 305-558-4933 or 954-392-1501 to discuss your case either at my office in Miami Lakes or my office in Pembroke Pines.

Representation for Adoptive Parents

Before a contested adoption can be completed, the parental rights of the birth parent must be terminated. I will skillfully help you carry out this task and assist you with every legal aspect of the adoption process.

Defense Against the Termination of Your Parental Rights

If the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is seeking termination of your parental rights, I will defend you by challenging the validity of their claims that you have abused or neglected your child. I will also attempt to prove that separating you from your child or children is not in the minor child or children’s best interest.

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