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Over 30 Years of Experience Skillfully Handling Time Sharing and Parenting Plan Cases

When establishing a time sharing and parenting plan, it is essential to consider how legal proceedings can affect your child or children’s well-being. At the Law Offices of John Elias, located in both Miami Lakes and Pembroke Pines, I have over 30 Years of experience devoted entirely to family law and will take special care to protect your child or children’s best interests.

I will provide you with an honest and straightforward assessment of your case and inform you of what to expect during legal proceedings. Please contact me at 305-558-4933 or 954-392-1501 to receive effective and compassionate family law representation.

Establishing Parenting Plans That Work Within Your Busy Schedule

In Florida, there is a time-sharing parenting plan in which both parents have equal access to their child or children. While this option allows both parents the opportunity to play a large roll in their child or children’s lives, developing an effective parenting plan is challenging.

I will take the time to understand your goals and negotiate a parenting plan that reflects those goals. By drafting a document which the demands of your busy schedule into account, I can works towards an agreement that maximizes your time with your child or children.

Modification to Existing Child Custody and Visitation Orders

Family courts understand that over time circumstances can change. If the other parent of your child or children has suffered a job loss or been involved in criminal activity, that affects his or her ability to pay for or properly care for your child or children and they can seek a modification to existing child custody arrangements and/or child support payments.

I can also represent you in adjusting your parenting plan because of a change in your work schedule. Please contact me to receive an honest assessment of your case from a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Spanish and Arabic language services are available.